Your child at the centre of our care

The Rafles Nursery & Pre-school, Cheshunt is situated in idyllic green belt grounds of Rosedale Sports Club.

We can accommodate 65 children aged 3 months to 5 years. Set in the back drop of the sports ground, Rafles Nursery & Pre-school is able to provide inquisitive minds access to quality care and education, playing fields, nature walks and a sensory garden all on its door step.

The Centre of Our Care

Centre of care

Our care and sensitivity for each child is key to our success, and your child’s happiness. Activities are planned around each child’s individual interests and needs. We encourage children to develop at their own pace, so as to become independent, secure and confident, and aware of the world around them.

Each child will be assigned a Key Carer who will be responsible for your child’s emotional needs and act as the main carer for your child in your absence. The Key Carer will observe and plan for you child’s time at nursery, they will provide feedback to you on your child’s progression and work with you to ensure we are providing the best start to your child’s educational journey.



Our unique team of early years practitioners and tailor made system of observation, assessment and planning, enable us to ensure your child’s learning and development is progressed at the right pace for your child.

We treat all the children in our care as individuals, we create learning plans for each child to work towards and complete at their own pace with continual support and encouragement.

The early years provide the foundation for well balanced, emotionally and educationally successful children. Implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum through play and experienced support, your children will be learning everyday whilst having an immense amount of fun.



Extra Curricular classes brought to the nursery by experienced external professionals, supplement the care provided by our team to ensure children have an all rounded education. Making full use of the sports grounds around us, Rafles Nursery and Pre-school working together with Challenge Sports ensure physical development is at the forefront of your child’s time at Rafles.

Outdoor activities in the surrounding fields, trips to the duck pond, bug hunts and  the adventure garden, will ensure that children will be entertained every minute of their day whilst at Rafles Nursery & Pre-school.