Nutrition & Menu

Food is the source of life. Children need the right start in life and healthy well balanced meals should be a part of every child’s life. At Rafles Nursery and Preschool we have worked hard to ensure that we provide a varied menu with appealing food for the children. We have individualised weaning menu’s for children under one and for all other children we have a two week rotational menu which changes every three months with the seasons.

We try and use produce that is locally sourced (eggs from a local farm, vegetables from local grocers and even our own garden). We also have an on site cook who caters for the childrens’ daily nutritional requirements.

Our menu’s are reviewed by a nutritionist and and we try and ensure that during the course of the day the children will be offered at least five portions of fruit and vegetables.

  • Breakfast is served until 8:45 a.m and includes a variety of cereals and toast served with milk.
  • Snack usually includes a combination of fruit, raisins, crackers and freshly baked scones when available.
  • Lunch will be a freshly prepared balanced hot meal such as roast chicken, steamed vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy followed by a healthy dessert such as natural yoghurt with fruit.
  • Tea will be a light meal such as spinach and cheese flan served with mixed salad.
  • Children have access to healthy drinking water at all times and can request a snack of crackers and yoghurt at any time.

We cater for all dietary requirements and allergies.


Summer - June 2016 - August 2016

Week One

Quorn Lasagna served with Vegetables

Ground Rice Pudding
Sausages served with Bake Beans
Tuna Fish Cakes, Homemade Chips and Peas

Strawberry Jelly
Nursery Fried Rice
Beef Chili served with Rice and Vegetables

Apple Crumble and Custard
Tomato and Basil Pasta
Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes and Vegetables

Raspberry Muffins
Club Sandwiches served with Crudités
Mediterranean Pasta Bake

Ice - Cream
Toasted Ham and Cheese Muffins served with Crudités

Week Two

Beef Bolognaise served with spaghetti and mixed vegetables

Chocolate Brownies
Toasted Cheese Muffins
Turkey Enchiladas served with seasonal Vegetables

Strawberry Yogurt
Leek and potato Soup served with Bread
Sausages, New potatoes and vegetables

White Chocolate Chip Cookies
A selection of Sandwiches served with Crisps
Salmon Teriyaki served with Noodles

Jelly and Custard
Potato wedges served with beans
Quorn and Leek pie served with Potatoes and Vegetables

Strawberry Yoghurt
Cheese with a selection of Biscuits, cold meat and Crudités

Please note that children will be served a snack of fruit or homemade scones or homemade cookies and milk/squash at 10am and 2 pm as well. If the children are hungry at anytime throughout the day they will be able to choose from a selection of yoghurt, crackers and raisins to snack on. Children are encouraged to drink fresh water throughout the day. The Menu might be changed at the discretion of management when we are short of ingredients on any particular day. You will be informed on the change through the daily report sheets handed to your and/or on the notice board outside the kitchen