Sports & Activities


We have experts who come in every week to provide specialist activities to enhance our children’ s learning and physical development.

Challenge Sports Education

“Our experienced coaches provide classes that enable youngsters to get the best possible introduction into sport. All of our sessions are designed to improve children’ s motor skills, coordination and confidence. We run sessions in gymnastics, football, bat and ball skills, general ball and beanbag skills and movement games.

The CSE brand ensures that the children at Rafles receive the highest quality of sports coaching. Rafles entrust us with looking after all of their sporting requirements and we also assist with the running of Sports Day and all of the ‘ training’ in the lead up to the big day!”-Ricky Lawrence, Director

-Ricky Lawrence, Director

Twinkle Toes Ballet

This class introduces the children to the wonderful world of Ballet, the children warm up and stretch at the beginning of the class. Then practice simple ballet moves then complete simple combinations of steps to music. At the end of theclass they cool down and stretch to finish. Ballet helps the children to practice their hand eye co – ordination and learn to listen to and follow directions. Ballet class takes place on Tuesday afternoons (optional, invoiced seperately).

Stretch n Grow

Stretch n Grow is a combination of movement and music, incorparating exercise moves, muscle names and body parts and teaching children about the importance of being healthy and having regular exercise. The class consists of a warm up to music then a selection of different themed activities (which change every term) Then a cool down session with calming music.

Stretch n Grow classes take place on a Tuesday morning in the Nursery and Pre – School Room.

Click it

Click it is a computer skills lesson which has a one to three ratio and introduces children to using a lap top, mouse and basic programs on a computer.

Click it helps to:

  • Prepare – Ready for ICT suite at school * Learn – using technology to explore, enquire & learn
  • Challenge – tailored bespoke lessons – 6 levels *Confidence – ‘I can do this’

Click it takes place on a Tuesday afternoon and is invoiced directly from company to parents.